Purifying Cleansing Foam



200 ml

Vegan product




SLS-free facial cleanser that cleanses without irritating the skin. It is a delicate soap for all skin types, including the most sensitive skins.

1. Cleans without irritating the skin or eyes,
as it does not contain sulfates. It is based on betaine and glucoside to cleanse the skin. These are very delicate surfactant ingredients, often found in natural cosmetic products for babies.

2. Hydrates and balances the skin,
thanks to rice oil and aloe vera, thus reducing the sensation of astringency after cleansing.

3. Protects the skin from pollution,
through the effect produced by the arabic coffee extract. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans, which help to repair the skin and contribute to enhance the barrier function of the dermis.

Main ingredients

Cocamidopropyl betaine: Cleans without drying, enhances foaming, has low irritability and reduces possible irritation from other surfactants such as sulfates, which is why they are even used in baby cosmetics.

Arachidyl glucoside:
Like cocamidopropyl, it is a co-surfactant, which cleanses without drying, enhances foaming, has low irritability and reduces possible irritation from other surfactants such as sulfates.

Rice oil:
It is perfect for a cleanser, because it hydrates without being a greasy oil. Its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties also help reduce the sense of astringency of the cleanser.

Aloe Vera:
Moisturizing, soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory. Helps soothe skin and leave it soft and nourished after cleansing.

Arabica Coffee Extract:
Comes from a bush native to Ethiopia with a mild concentration of caffeine and a rich source of antioxidants. Stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans that help repair the skin.

Green tea extract:
Similar to caffeine, stimulating microcirculation, brightens and improves skin tone.

How to use

Apply a small amount to the palm of the hand, add a little water and lather for a few seconds until a light lather is produced. Apply with your fingers to the face and rub gently, avoiding the eye contour. Rinse with lukewarm water.


Aqua, stearic acid, cocamidopropyl betaine, glycerin, oryza sativa bran oil, glyceryl stearate, potassium hydroxide, arachidyl alcohol, behenyl alcohol, arachidyl glucoside, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, coffea arabica fruit extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract, paullinia cupana fruit extract, salicylic acid, xanthan gum, benzyl alcohol, ethylhexylglycerin, tocopherol, phytic acid.

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