Ant-stain treatment pack




If you are looking to remove blemishes and imperfections from the skin and give it a mattifying and smooth appearance, this pack is the ideal one. It contains a facial serum made from Vitamin C, a powerful natural acid solution with glycolic acid and AHAs, and a facial lotion with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid.


    Nº 2 - Vitamin C Booster
    No. 3 - Glycolic Acid 4% + AHA1%
    Nº5 - Balancing Lotion with pure Hyaluronic Ac

    Nº2 – Vitamin C Booster

    Contains extracts of plankton, vitis vinifera and hawthorn berry together with Vitamin C. This composition allows this facial serum to eliminate spots and prevent their reappearance, homogenize skin tone, provide illumination and prevent aging.

    Ingredients: BrightletteTM Plankton Extract / Vitamin C / Preventhelia® Peptide / Hawthorn Berry Extract / Vitis vinifera Extract / Hyaluronic Acid and Hyadisine®.

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    No. 3 - Glycolic Acid 4% + AHA1%

    Ideal to renew cells and, consequently, eliminate blemishes and blemishes on the skin thanks to glycolic acid. By dragging away dead cells, it regenerates the skin, reduces enlarged pores and softens it, leaving it completely smooth.

    Ingredients: Glycolic Acid / AHA / Licorice Extract / White Willow Extract.

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    No. 5 - Pure Ha Balance Lotion

    Matifying and anti-aging moisturizing cream thanks to its high content of hyaluronic acid. Caffeine, the marine microorganism Pseudoalteromonas and Vitamin E stimulate circulation, improve skin tone, regulate sebum and eliminate blemishes.

    Ingredients: Matmarine (Pseudoalteromonas) / Hyaluronic Acid / Centella Asiatica / Vitamin E and Ginseng / Aloe Vera / Argan and Jojoba Oil / Caffeine / Green coffee extract / White tea extract.

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