A new way of understanding personal care from a more holistic approach: honest and effective products, personalized services and global experiences within a conscious community.

Our values

We are organic, mindful, innovative, honest and totally focused on the experience of the Kriimers community.

Our brands

We design and produce in our laboratory a total of three own brands that cover different needs but share the same philosophy: highly effective organic products. Evolut, in the facial category, offers products with high percentages of active ingredient. Khoi, with body and hair products, invites you to enjoy a highly sensory experience due to its aroma and texture. And finally, Solito, is the brand of solid cosmetics with Zero Waste accessories.

Kriim experience

Product testing and personalized attention from our Beauty Coaches are our basics. But our stores are much more: they are the meeting point with our community. Facial diagnostics, flash make-ups or workshops related to skin and cosmetics are some of the experiences we offer and that you will love.

Our brands



Organic facial cosmetics with high percentages of active ingredient.


Body and hair

African-inspired natural and sensory body care.


Solid cosmetics

Solid cosmetics and Zero Waste accessories.