Your ideal routine without leaving the sofa

Your ideal routine without leaving the sofa

A full facial routine can take up to seven steps. Yes, as you read it! If you don't know which products should be part of your routine, the Skin Quiz has come for you. 

Through it you can explain what your skin is like, if it is oily or dry, if it is rather sensitive and what your goals are. Depending on these variables and the amount of products you want us to include in your routine, we will recommend the ones that are most related to you.


An online facial diagnosis

So far, the facial diagnosis was only available in store. Many of you cannot go since you are not from Barcelona or Madrid, or perhaps it is not good for you to come to the store, so, you no longer have an excuse! We have adapted to technology and diagnostics reaches the network.

With the new Skin Quiz, we will be able to identify the most characteristic aspects of your skin and we will guide you so that you can choose the ideal products for your skin type. How? Well, very easy; enter the following link, answer our questions and, depending on your needs and goals (removing spots, dark circles, blackheads ...), we will recommend your ideal routine!


By not being able to analyze the dermis in the first person, this is somewhat complicated, so, to achieve the highest possible precision in the diagnosis, beyond the general typologies (dry, combination or oily skin), we have taken into account the following factors :


    1. Sensitivity: Affects the protective barrier of the dermis giving rise to reactions such as itching, redness or flaking among others.
    2. Main beauty objective:
    How to reduce or prevent the signs of aging, eliminate blemishes, control acne breakouts - which despite what many people think, do not only occur during adolescence - or reduce pores in combination skin / fats.
    3. Duration of the routine:
    There are people who only have 5 minutes to do their daily facial routine and others who have a space a day dedicated exclusively to it. Therefore, the routine adapts to the number of products you want to include: from only 1 to 6!


Start your Skin Quiz and discover, finally, what is your ideal routine!

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