Korean facial routine: the beauty ritual for a complexion 10

Korean facial routine: the beauty ritual for a complexion 10

Korean women have become a benchmark in the world of beauty. They take care of their skin in detail and that is why they know better than anyone how to do it and what products should be a basic in their toiletry bag. In the West we look more and more at them in the hope of getting closer to those magazine complexions.

One of its most precious tools is the facial routine in 10 steps that today we are going to discover you.
We know that most likely, when reading this figure, you have thought that you have hours in the day to follow it and that it is not for you. Do not panic! It is good to comply with all of them whenever possible and enjoy this ritual, but it is also possible to simplify it. When it is not possible to follow it completely, it can be reduced only to the treatments that your face most demands at that time. Ready to show off perfect skin?


  1. Oil based cleaner

It is the first part of the so-called double cleaning where the main objective is to remove makeup. From KRIIM we recommend one of our best sellers from Evolut, the Jojoba Cleansing Balm, an oil-based cleansing balm that turns into a creamy milk in contact with water. It is ideal for removing make-up from both face and eyes and, thanks to jojoba oil and organic coconut, it nourishes, soothes and hydrates the skin.


  1. Water based cleaner

Next, we close the double cleaning with a water-based cleaner, such as Natural Cleansing Foam, which helps to remove the remains of dirt and impurities. Evolut's proposal is suitable for all skin types –also the most sensitive– since as it does not contain SLSs, it cleanses the skin without irritating it. Hydrates, balances the dermis and protects it from pollution.


  1. Scrub

To remove dead cells and clean pores, go for the Antioxidant Glow Mask from Rvolut. This face mask based on raw cocoa powder and vegetable glycerin has an emollient and exfoliating function. Regenerates and renews the dermis, eliminates imperfections and prevents the signs of aging. The result is smoother, more purified skin that is full of radiance.


  1. Toner

It is the turn of the tonic that is mainly responsible for stabilizing the pH of the skin. In the case of the Rvolut AHA Shiitake Toner, it is recommended for both combination and oily skin and manages to firm the face and restore elasticity, eliminate spots, unify the tone, renew the skin, hydrate it and balance it. A most complete treatment that has the Japanese Shiitake mushroom as its star ingredient.


  1. Essence

Of all the products it is probably the most unknown to the vast majority. Halfway between toner and serum, it provides great hydration and prepares the skin for the next step. Our bet? Benton's Snail Bee High Content Essence that improves skin tone and fights wrinkles. It also boasts anti-inflammatory properties, activates the production of cortisone and promotes blood circulation due to the bee venom extract that it includes in its formulation.


  1. Serum 

Before buying a serum, something very important must be taken into account: it must be chosen according to the objective that one seeks to achieve when applying it. At Evolut we have different options where one is sure to suit you.


  • Multi-Peptide Serum de Rvolut: suitable for all skin types and highly recommended for those oily. If you are looking to reduce wrinkles, firm the dermis and achieve greater elasticity, this is your product!
  • Brightening Plankton 2% + Vitamin C de Rvolut: this vitamin C serum, plankton extracts, vitis vinifera and hawthorn berry is ideal for removing stains and preventing their reappearance. In addition, it achieves a more homogeneous tone, provides luminosity and prevents aging.
  • Anti-acne Serum de Rvolut: acne is not just for teenagers and this serum is the ideal option to fight against it. Its 4 active principles are responsible for stopping bacterial proliferation, reducing sebum production, reducing the size of pores and reducing inflammation of the skin.


  1. Sheet mask 

Tissue masks, also known as ‘sheet’ are a staple for Koreans and, as with the previous product, there are different types depending on the desired result. For example, Benton's Snail Bee High Content Mask hydrates, soothes redness on the skin, evens out the tone and softens expression lines, but if your skin has other needs, there is sure to be a perfect mask for you.


  1. Eye-contour 

This area is very delicate and requires special care that focuses on avoiding the appearance of bags and wrinkles. Goals that combat the eye contour Anti Dark Circles Peptide 4% + Caffeine by Evolut. A powerful caffeine-based serum and a powerful extract of a marine microorganism that offers a decongestant and draining effect.


  1. Moisturizing 

Both cream and lotion versions can be used to provide nutrition to the skin. If you are looking for a light and fast absorption, you have to try the Pure HA Balance Lotion by Rvolut. Beyond hydration, this mattifying and anti-aging facial lotion prevents skin aging, fills in wrinkles, regulates sebum secretion and mattifies skin.


  1. Solar protector

Although when summer arrives this product becomes a basic, it is important to introduce it into our routine all year round and not only during the summer months. Get a sunscreen like the Age-Defying Sunscreen SPF30 from Mádara that, thanks to its practical 40ml format, you can always carry it in your bag. A product that offers a large amount of antioxidants and protectors against urban pollution, protects the microbiome of the dermis and regenerates it.


If you are already clear about what products you need, it is time to invest time in yourself and your skin. You will see how the effort pays off!

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