What is vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics

What is vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics

One of the questions we receive the most is "Does a product be cruelty-free mean that it is vegan too?" And the answer is no.

There is a lot of confusion between the two terms and they are sometimes used wrongly.

Lets start by the beginning.

What are the differences between cruelty-free and vegan?

The cruelty-free concept refers to the fact that a product and the ingredients that make it up have not been tested on animals during their manufacturing process. That is to say, animals have not been used to check the efficacy or possible side effects that a cream, a serum or any other cosmetic may have.

Since 2013, the European Union has prohibited testing on animals, therefore, all cosmetics sold nationally, and consequently also in Kriim stores, are totally cruelty-free.

Let's go for the "vegan" concept.

It is very common to associate veganism with a free diet of products of animal origin, but this lifestyle goes much further. It applies to all aspects of your day to day: food, clothing and, of course, cosmetics. Buying vegan cosmetics implies choosing products in whose composition (INCI) there is no ingredient that comes from animal origin.

In summary, all the products that are currently marketed in Europe are 100% cruelty free, but may or may not be vegan.

And at Kriim, do we have vegan products?

Of course! We have 100% vegan brands, that is, in which all the products that compose them are vegan, and other ranges in which only some of the products are vegan.

What brands are 100% vegan?

What about the rest of the brands? Well, it depends a bit on each case. Khoi is totally vegan except for the Intense Orange Lotion, which contains alba wax, and Solito is also vegan. In the case of the Lily Lolo mineral makeup brand, Sabé Masson's solid perfumes and MIA enamels and foundations depend a little on each product.

At Kriim, we are constantly changing to be increasingly respectful of our environment and adapt to the needs of our customers. Therefore, through this link, you can see at a glance all the vegan products available right now.

I hope this article has shed some light on this issue and helps you better differentiate both terms 😊




Artículo escrito por: Gerard, Operations Manager de Kriim

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