Set-up for September

Set-up for September

The hair becomes damaged and appears duller while the skin becomes dry and loses its elasticity. To combat the consequences of summer, products such as argan oil or castor oil come to the rescue! Time to selfcare!

August is over and September presents itself as the perfect opportunity to do a reset. For most, the beginning of September is - as always - synonymous with starting the routine and, with it, the well-known post-vacation depression. However, coming back also has good things. Now is the time to take up the pending issues with force, start projects, set new goals ... And the beauty set-up!

Khoi, the most sensory Kriim brand, everything you need to achieve a hair and body recovery. Addictive aromas that are combined with pleasant textures giving rise to products that are respectful with the skin, but also with the environment.

Let's start with the hair!

  • Recover Castor Oil 

Its star ingredient, castor oil, is known for its ability to stimulate hair growth. It is a powerful anti-hair loss and hair fortifier that hydrates it thanks to its fatty acids, nourishes the cuticle, conditions the mane and helps eliminate dandruff. In addition, it favors the growth of eyelashes and, applied to the nails, strengthens them and prevents them from breaking.

  • Multi Vitamin Recovery Hair Mask 

Ultra-nourishing, repairing and redensifying. This mask contains 6 powerful ingredients that improve the density and health of the hair: vitamin B5, vitamin E, hydrolyzed keratin, biotin, zinc gluconate and hyaluronic acid. To this must be added its unique compound of oils (argan, macadamia, jojoba, castor, avocado and coconut) that repair and provide hydration.

And now for skin care:

  • Raw Argan Oil

This oil is highly valued in the beauty industry and a great ally in the set-up for September for both body and hair care. Applied on damaged or dry ends, it provides nutrition, especially in the area of the ends. In the body it is advisable to use it on scars, stretch marks and dry areas or with signs of flaking.

  • Almond Shell & Coffee Scrub 

The body scrub is a key product for the regeneration of the skin. This one from Khoi contains almond shell, coffee, salt, orange essential oil and cardamom powder. It stimulates the combustion of fats, it is ideal for improving cell renewal and skin texture in a smooth way and, in addition, it has a high moisturizing power.


You already have the list of MUSTS to reset your skin.

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