Get ready for BLACKFRIDAY

Get ready for BLACKFRIDAY

One of the most anticipated moments of the year is approaching! Black Friday is just around the corner and at Kriim we have prepared BIG.

And you, are you ready?

In this article you will find some small tips to plan your purchase in advance and make the most of the offers. We promise that you will survive this madness!


  • Tip 1: Planning means success

When we do not plan our purchase, we make impulse purchases, the package arrives at our house and… “Oh! I really didn't need this ”.


We want your purchase to be as conscious as possible, so it is essential that you plan in advance what you want or need.

First of all, prepare a list of everything you want to buy during the week of Black Friday (because let's be honest, nobody does promotion only on Black Friday anymore). Here they enter: products you need, things you want, gifts for Christmas ... Everything! Add up the price of all the items and see if it matches your initial budget. How are you? Are you still alive or has it given you a glitch? Well, if your answer is the second one, now is the time to adjust your list. Eliminate what makes you less excited; there will be time to buy it later.


  • Tip 2: Being informed is having an ace in hand

Having the necessary information will be VITAL for you to succeed.

If you are not sure which products can best suit your skin type, we recommend that you do our Skin Quiz to get out of doubt. With a few simple questions we can guide you towards your ideal facial routine. You can choose up to how many products you want to include!

We also have at your disposal a very complete section of packs to prepared so that you do not waste time searching among all the products and you can get to the point. We have all brands and according to objectives!


  • Tip 3: If you have a question, ask for help!

Finally, remember that we have a fantastic team that will help you with everything you need. In the our stores, Nuestras Beauty Coach estarán encantadas de solucionar todas tus dudas. ¿No tienes ninguna tienda cerca? ¡No se preocupe! Puedes enviar tu consulta a [email protected] y recibirás una respuesta en 24-48h.


¡Let's go Kriimer! You will survive!

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