Say Hi to the new SOLITO natural toothpastes!

Say Hi to the new SOLITO natural toothpastes!

Transforming small day-to-day actions into more sustainable ones is the first step to joining the slow life movement.

Today we launch our natural toothpaste in a paste format! A product with which to take care of your teeth and the environment in the most respectful way possible.



The formulation is undoubtedly one of the strengths of our new Toothpaste. All its ingredients are of natural origin, but among them there are three kings:

  • Coconut oil: Stop chewing gum! This ingredient will help you avoid bad breath and, at the same time, prevent and eliminate cavities.
  • Carbonato de calcio: Your new ally to fight tartar and dirt.
  • Arcilla blanca: It gives the necessary consistency to the product.

Although these ingredients remain, there are two versions of the toothpaste with some modifications.

  1. The first includes peppermint in its composition, which is why it is called Refreshing Spearmint Toothpaste.
  2. The second we have named as Whitening Charcoal Toothpaste, made with peppermint essential oil and active carbon. The active carbon makes this second variant black, in addition to giving it a whitening power that helps to homogenize the enamel tone and provides extra cleaning.

In both pastes you will find a small part of baking soda to clean in depth and help eliminate stubborn stains.



Although its format is very different from the classic tubes, using it is very simple thanks to its bamboo spatula. With this, you can take the necessary product and spread it directly on the brush. Now only the last step remains: brush your teeth for about two minutes, rinse with water and remove the product.

But not only the format is different. This toothpaste does not contain water, fluoride, or harsh surfactants like SLS. But why? The absence in water makes the formula much more concentrated. A pea-sized amount is enough to show off a smile 10!

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