The great benefits of solid shampoo

The great benefits of solid shampoo

Many people are used to the classic shampoo, in liquid form and preserved in a plastic container. However, times change and it is important to adapt.

For a few years now the zero waste movement is trying to break into our lives and at KRIIM we defend this movement with great force. One of the products with which we can join it more easily are solid shampoos. A more natural option that also reduces the impact on the environment. If you still do not use them and you have doubts about why you should do it, in this post we help you make the decision ;)

Should I switch to solid shampoo?

Yes! A thousand times yes! Perhaps you still do not know all the advantages that these pill-shaped shampoos have over traditional ones, but these five reasons will convince you. Also, once you switch to solid shampoo and try our Solito options, the crush is guaranteed: 

  • Sustainable packaging: it is an alternative to the consumption of conventional products that, due to their own liquid state, require plastic containers and antifungal and antibacterial preservatives. In the case of solid cosmetics, it is possible to bet on a totally plastic-free, recyclable, reusable and even biodegradable packaging.
  • Natural ingredients: as they do not include water in their formulation or contain a minimal amount, they are products that, in general, do not need artificial preservatives. In other words, most tend to be more sustainable than traditional options.
  • Longer duration: the composition of liquid shampoos is largely water. However, in solid tablets most of the formulation is based on oils and butters. This makes it a much more concentrated format, so the right amount is applied and thus lasts longer. On the other hand, in the liquid versions, many times more product is used than necessary and it ends up being wasted.
  • Easely werable: their compact size means that these shampoos can be taken anywhere without taking up much space. The perfect ally for your travels!
  • Caring for the planet: the main challenge we have at Solito is to promote conscious consumption. Our products are made under high standards of caring for the environment without ever losing sight of the importance of quality / price ratio.


Have we convinced you? We hope that after reading this article you will be encouraged to try solid shampoos and contribute your bit to zero waste. Every gesture, however simple it may seem, counts. Take the step!

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