The benefits of yoga and the reasons that will make you want to practice it

The benefits of yoga and the reasons that will make you want to practice it

Instagram has become a platform where many yoga lovers show the world their practice. Along with other networks such as YouTube, it has contributed to democratize it and to show that, as long as it is adapted to the right level, anyone can start. Taking advantage of International Yoga Day, which is celebrated on June 21, we spoke with Ally Vispo (also known as @ally_viamalama) and Esther López (@estherloag and co-founder of @soundofsilence_bcn with Mar Oliva). Two yogis who from the other side of the screen play a key role in making this activity known.

Yoga came into his life in different ways, but he did it to stay. In Ally's case it was out of necessity. She has suffered from scoliosis since she was 10 years old and the back pain that she suffers from it made her interested in some positions that would help her alleviate it. Since then she has become a very important part of her day-to-day life and has also led her to make many positive changes in recent years.

Esther, however, approached to him motivated by her great concern, by "the need to seek and understand." "I immediately understood that yoga goes beyond the mat, that it was an awareness that was transferred to all aspects of my life," she explains. Now this discipline has been transformed into a guide for self-knowledge and personal development, a daily space that brings calm.


If you want, you can too

Before starting an activity, many doubts arise and also some fears due to ignorance. To face them, Esther emphasizes that "we have to abandon all the preconceived ideas that we sometimes make of practice, which often imply a pretentious or competitive look". In the case of yoga, one of the most widespread beliefs is that to practice it requires flexibility. In reality, the opposite happens since it serves to work this capacity - and not only physically.

To get the body to begin to change, her advice is to start by putting aside the judgments and limits that we impose on ourselves. "Being flexible means having a flexible mind, open to change, which accepts that we are not always the same, that we are in a continuous process of transformation," she adds.


¿Por qué el yoga y no otra actividad? 

Ally and Esther's words to describe this practice are different, but it is striking that the root is the same. Yoga represents for them self-knowledge, a way of understanding the relationship with oneself and with the environment that surrounds us. It is a very complete exercise, which provides great advantages and goes beyond physical activity.

It is gaining more and more followers and perhaps in part it is due to these multiple benefits. “They are scientifically proven and the truth is that I have been able to verify it in my own body. I cannot speak for all yogis, because each person is a world, but the strength that I have developed throughout the body is impressive, not to mention the sense of balance, ”says Ally.

Of course, in order to experience this well-being, there is a pillar on which the practice that we must bear in mind is based: breathing. It is important to approach yoga bearing in mind that it is not a sport "because then we are making a mistake" as Esther emphasizes. The objective of these exercises is "to direct the air through our body, to connect with the mind and keep us in a calm state, managing not to anticipate our reactions," she adds. Something that is not simple but that helps to become aware.

Therefore, if you are thinking of joining the yogi phenomenon, you must accept that this discipline requires time, that it is a process that must be learned to live and enjoy. Something that Ally explains perfectly with a famous phrase: "yoga is not about touching your feet, but about what you learn until you get to them." A path that more and more people start and where they discover not only a discipline, but a true lifestyle

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