La rutina definitiva de tratamientos para hacer en casa

La rutina definitiva de tratamientos para hacer en casa

Being at home is not an excuse to stop taking care of yourself. On the contrary, it is a time to slow down the frenetic pace that many of us follow every day, to dedicate time to yourself and take care of yourself. It's time to start all those beauty routines that we never seem to have time for! That exfoliator yet to be released, that facial treatment that requires certain perseverance or that hair product that you are dying to start using.

From Kriim we have proposed to help you make this quarantine more enjoyable and we have devised the definitive guide to make your home your new spa area. You will have a complexion, body and mane of ten when you go out again.

We present the 4 essentials that will accompany you during the next weeks:

  • Rvolut nº6 – Antioxidant Glow Mask: Emollient and exfoliating face mask based on raw cocoa powder and vegetable glycerin that illuminates, softens and purifies the skin. Its smell will make you fall in love! How is it used? Apply the product with your fingers on the face and spread it until most of it is covered (be careful! Do not apply it to the eye contour!) After five to fifteen minutes, remove it with water and enjoy the pleasant sensation that it leaves in the skin. When? Monday and Thursday.
  • Almond Shell & Coffee ScrubBody scrub that contains almond peel, coffee, salt, powdered cardamom and orange essential oil that boasts a high moisturizing power. In addition, it improves cell renewal and skin texture in a smooth way. How is it used? Apply to damp skin and spread with gentle upward circular movements to remove impurities and stimulate circulation. After allowing the oils to absorb for thirty seconds, rinse thoroughly. When? Tuesday and Friday.
  • Castor Oil: 100% natural and cold-pressed castor oil. Applied to the scalp, it acts as a powerful anti-hair loss and fortifier. Provides hydration thanks to its fatty acids, nourishes the cuticle, conditions the hair and helps eliminate dandruff. How is it used? Distribute the product on dry hair by moistening the hair with the oil. Tie your hair up with a towel and let it work for thirty to sixty minutes. After that time has elapsed, do a double wash of the hair to completely remove the traces of oil. When? Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Multi Vitamin Recovery Hair Mask Multi Vitamin Recovery Hair Mask: Nourishing, repairing and redensifying mask to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss. It is formulated with six powerful ingredients that improve hair density and health: vitamin B5, vitamin E, hydrolyzed keratin, biotin, zinc gluconate, and hyaluronic acid. How is it used? It should be applied to damp hair, from medium to ends, after washing and let it act for five to ten minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. For extra shine, add a small amount after drying the hair. When? Sunday.


Sounds good right? And remember that, if you feel like it, you can get them all in one pack.

Taking care of yourself is more important than ever and if we take the opportunity to reset our skin, the better! Get the essentials and enjoy your chill & kriim moment without leaving home.




Article written by: Miriam, Kriim Marketing Manager.

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