The importance of sustainable packaging

The importance of sustainable packaging

Although ingredients, formulation and efficacy are the foundation of any treatment, it is not the only thing we pay attention to at KRIIM. We strive to take care of our products inside and out to give you the best possible experience. Because packaging matters too!

In our commitment to conscious, natural and 100% honest beauty, packaging is a subject to which we have always given special relevance.
It is not always easy to get closer to our goal, but we try to ensure that each of the decisions we make in this area have a positive impact on the planet and reduce our environmental impact.

Sustainability in ... Products

In our offer, SOLITO is undoubtedly the best representation of sustainable packaging. Its philosophy based on zero waste tries to minimize the ecological footprint by means of small changes that can be easily incorporated into any beauty routine.

To achieve this, we choose materials that are respectful with the environment and that are of the best possible quality. In addition, we make sure that they comply with the most important certifications, such as the FSC (which guarantees the sustainable management of the forests it uses) and the ECF (which certifies that they are papers free of elemental chlorine, a component that is used in its manufacturing process. manufacturing).

The result is packaging that promotes and guarantees the responsible consumption of paper and its derivatives. However, the products are not limited to the packaging as, for example, with traditional shampoos. If for hygiene or practicality they must carry it, it is biodegradable, reusable or 100% recyclable, but most of them can be purchased completely 'naked' in stores, that is, without packaging. 

La sostenibilidad en... Los envíos

So that the KRIIM experience is linked to the philosophy of quality and a holistic and respectful lifestyle in every way, we also take care of online orders to the millimeter:

1. The bag used for shipments is made of a compostable and recyclable material.
2. The material that protects the products is 100% biodegradable, made from vegetable starches. You just need to put it under water to see how it disappears! It can be disposed of in the organic bin or used as compost.
3. Finally, if a product needs extra protection (as is the case with Khoi castor oil), a cardboard protector is used, thus avoiding the classic bubble bags.



These small details show that something as simple as packaging can go a long way towards creating a more sustainable world.

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