Kriim is you

Kriim is you

Have you ever wondered how a new product is created? Where does the idea come from? Who decides what is launched and what is not?

Mostly, these decisions are made by the brands that sell the products. But are we facing a mistake? Maybe it should be the same customer who made it, right?

After almost three years in the cosmetics industry, we have come to these conclusions:

  1. Quality doesn't mean expensive
  2. Natural and effectiveness can go hand in hand
  3. The engine of a brand is always the community

We move on to a model where active listening and closeness are the pillars, and where the client is the one who has the power to decide what to create. Always hand in hand with effectiveness and sustainability.

Nowadays, putting the customer at the center is a must in any company. We are not inventing the wheel and we know it. But at Kriim we take it to the extreme.

The client is and will be our DNA, our flag, our reason for being.


Because he's the only thing that makes sense to us. And it's the only thing that should make sense to the customer.

Buy what you know is made for you; and not what you think is best for you...

How are we doing it?

1. We listen to the community in everything we do. We ask questions in an open and direct way, we collect the information that comes to us from the different channels and we transform it into ideas for improvement.

2. We build our own KriimLab to be more agile and transparent. This is what having our own laboratory gives us. For this reason, we are building one to be able to be faster in bringing solutions to you, our community.

3. We create an intimate space with the client. We strive to offer comfortable environments so that the community can interact in a personal, open and free way with the brand. We invite the community to interact personally, openly and freely with the brand through comfortable spaces.

Therefore, the question you should ask yourself is: do you want to join?


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