Starting 2021 with a little more sparkle? It is possible with the Glow Vitamin Treatment! The new Khoi vitamin treatment that provides an incredible glow effect.

It is a very versatile product that can be used on both hair and skin. Its two main goals: condition and nourish. The intention of this product is to instantly hydrate and condition the hair and body in depth.

But how?

The Glow Vitamin Treatment contains encapsulated vitamins (these orange balls that look like spheres). These spheres are suspended in a moisturizing gelation and their function is to protect the active principles they contain, so that the vitamins retain their full nutritional potential. Incredible, isn't it? The best thing is that these spheres break when applying the product with the spray and and so they release all its properties.

What type of vitamins does the Glow Vitamin Treatment contain?

On the one hand, it contains vitamins A, B3 and B5, which strengthen hair and nourish the skin. On the other hand, Mango and Papaya extracts (which give it its characteristic smell) provide vitamin C, which restores cell structure and increases elasticity.

Both hair and skin have the same result

This super treatment provides luminosity and shine as well as a unique conditioning effect on both hair and skin. And what really has us madly in love is its glow effect, which it achieves thanks to the microplastic-free natural micas that give hair and skin their unique shine effect.

Get yours and start the year with the shine it deserves!

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