Konjac sponge: the new essential beauty

Konjac sponge: the new essential beauty

We know that once a habit is adopted and integrated into the day-to-day life, it is very difficult to change it. However, in zero waste every gesture counts and that is why a few weeks ago we helped you take the step with some tips on how to get started in this lifestyle. Today we want to focus on a specific element that you can easily incorporate into your beauty routine: konjac sponges.

In recent years they have become a true revolution in our country. However, the thousand-year-old plant that gives it its name has been used for centuries in the south of the Asian continent, where it is originally from. Its root serves as the basis for making this must have of the facial care that everyone wants. Because if you still don't have one, we assure you that when you get to the end of the post, you will want it. They are vegan, organic, biodegradable, they drag dirt well, they exfoliate a little while they clean and they are very affordable. There are many advantages!

What sponge should I buy?

Not all skins are the same and neither should the beauty products they use. Within the konjac sponge proposals there are different types so that you can choose one that adapts to the specific needs of your skin - yes, another advantage. Solito, our brand of solid cosmetics and zero waste accessories, offers four different options:

Step-by-step user manual 

You just need to keep these five points in mind to start getting the most out of your konjac sponge:

1. Dampen it with water until its texture softens. It is important to be clear that it should never be used dry.
2. You can use it without any product or by adding your usual cleaner.
3. Cleanse your face while practicing a small exfoliation.
4. When you're done, rinse the sponge well with water to remove any product residue, wring it out and let it dry.
5. Remember to replace it with a new one every two months or so.

Yes, using them is that simple! Another strong point to add to the list and that makes this product a real hit.

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