Interview with the March Pharmacy

Interview with the March Pharmacy

As many of you know, Kriim has its own physical stores (4 and growing!) And its ecommerce to bring organic and natural cosmetics closer. Still, we not only have these channels. Today, our brands Khoi, Evolut and Solito can be found in almost 100 pharmacies and parapharmacies throughout Spain. Yes, as you read it.

We have interviewed one of our Kriim Partners to learn more about his experience with the brands. They are Ester and Montse March, owners and managers of one of the best pharmacies in Lleida (Farmàcia March) where Kriim has the honor of being in its magnificent space.

1. How and when did you, as a pharmacist, have the idea of creating a natural cosmetics corner?

ESTER: I have always taken great care of my diet, making sure that it was, as far as possible, proximity and ecological. 9 years ago, following a trip through Asia, I got to know natural cosmetics. There many people used it and I loved the concept of improving our skin and thus our health, since it fit with my philosophy, which consists of combining nutrition, health and beauty in a single concept.

When we remodeled our pharmacy, we were very clear that we had to create a prominent space of natural products and now we give it the highest priority since we are both fans of everything natural.


2. Why did you choose Kriim (Khoi, Evolut and Solito) for your pharmacy?

ESTER: We had been looking for a solid cosmetic line for a long time but we could not find any that had just convinced us. One day, our friend and colleague Montse Pedró, who has her pharmacy office in my hometown of Artesa de Segre, called us to tell us that she had just been visited by a sales representative who carried a solid cosmetic brand that looked "very good." . She gave us her contact and we loved it, both for its image, which was consistent with the concept of natural, vegetable, clean and sustainable products, and for its quality. During that visit we also discovered RVOLUT, for facial care, and KHOI, African sensory cosmetics for body and hair care. It was there when, suddenly, it seemed that we had finally found what we had been looking for for a long time, since with its three brands we could cover all the needs of our body. Who does not want to maintain beautiful skin, strong hair and a healthy body?


3. What has been the response of your customers?

MONTSE: Society is increasingly concerned with health and well-being, as well as the environment. For this reason, there is a lot of interest in the use of products with plant and natural ingredients that seek to integrate substances that have the greatest possible affinity with our skin and that are also a more sustainable alternative for our planet. We are very convinced of its benefits!

4. What is your favorite Rvolut product?

ESTER: It's hard to have to choose just one, but my top would be number 10 (Jojoba Cleansing Balm). And if I add a pinch of sea salt, I also use it as a scrub twice a week.

MONTSE: For me number 4 (Péptido Anti-ojeras 4% + Cafeína). I use it morning and night!


5. Have you adopted solid cosmetics to your day to day? What Solito products do you use?

MONTSE: During the first visit, the commercial delegate let us taste Solito's Cocoa Butter Lotion and since then it is a “must” in my daily care. I also use the coconut shampoo (it doesn't melt when wet and it also lasts for three months!), The conditioner that leaves my hair super soft and the tea tree soap bar that I use with the sisal bag and so I exfoliate my skin.

ESTER: After falling in love with the Cocoa Butter Lotion, I tried the grapefruit shampoo that leaves my hair super shiny, the conditioner, the lipstick with hyaluronic acid, the mandarin deodorant and the wonderful bar of argan soap that makes my skin is hydrated.


Thank you very much!



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