Interview with Akan Beauty

Interview with Akan Beauty

AKAN is a super aesthetic and beauty center in Villanueva de la Cañada. Marta created this space in 2014, 6 years ago. For a few months, Marta has used many of our products in her treatments. You can find our brands Evolut and Solito in it.

We interviewed her to tell us more about her facial routines!

1. Why did you decide to implement the Evolut brand in your space? What has been the feedback from your customers?

I had been looking for natural cosmetics for a long time to work with in my center, and I could not find anything that convinced me or caught my attention. While fooling around on Instagram, one of your products appeared to me and I began to inquire more about the brand to find out where it came from, what its philosophy was, what lines it had ... And it was quite a crush! and even more so when I saw that it was made in Spain, finally products of our land !!

I also have a crush on the clients, each product they try they repeat and ask me for more, and that is the best guarantee that they are liking and working.

2. What is an ideal skin routine for you?

Daily cleaning (morning and night), this step is totally non-negotiable, because if you do not have clean skin in conditions, you will not care about everything else you wear. If you don't wear makeup, Evolut # 8 is wonderful. If you put on makeup, double clean, first with Evolut nº10 to remove the makeup well (and enjoy that little oil texture and that smell that is to eat it) and then Evolut nº8, to leave you with perfect skin.

After the toner, with Evolut nº7 your skin feels super comfortable and fresh.

As for the serum, the one that your skin needs, I declare myself a fan of Evolut nº1.

Eye contour, Evolut nº4 leaves the contour super flexible and hydrated throughout the day.

Lastly, the final cream, according to the needs of your skin, I am passionate about Evolut nº5.

These would be the steps that should be done daily if you want to maintain your perfect skin and then, once a week, a good exfoliation. Evolut nº6 seems brutal to me how it leaves your skin and the smell…. to spread it on bread and eat it.

3. Which Evolut product is your favorite and why?

Can i really only pick one ?? bufff…. How difficult ... I live in love with my whole routine, but if I have to highlight one I will tell you that Rvolut No. 5 is absorbed super fast, it does not leave any fat on the skin, its texture is perfect, neither too light nor dense, with little quantity it gives you for the whole face and neck, it leaves your skin super soft and juicy all day long, and I love its fresh smell.

4. What is the star Evolut treatment at your center?

The best-selling products are Evolut nº8 and Evolut nº5, I have many clients hooked on them, and what I like the most is when they tell you that they are noticing the change in the skin after using it.

5. ¿Algún tip secreto para darnos para tener tener una piel top este verano?

A lot of sun protection, of course, and then, using one of the Konjac sponges in your daily cleaning, with the gentle exfoliation that it does, you will get a much more uniform and long-lasting tan, and rubbing it all over your face is a pleasure , you will no longer conceive your life without it.

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