How to keep the hair healthy during quarantine

How to keep the hair healthy during quarantine

For many people time is a true luxury. Therefore, if you are one of those who always have a thousand things pending and you have few hours to do them, quarantine is your chance! Of course, between so much video calling, cleaning and changing the closet, do not forget the most important thing: take care of yourself.

Over the next few weeks we will leave you some tips so that you can handle this situation as well as possible and so that you learn to get the good side of it.
Today we give you some tips to come out of quarentine wearing a scandalous hair.


1. Wash your hair with the right shampoo

Although it may sound obvious to some, not everyone is so clear about what shampoo their hair requires. Start by discovering what your hair type is like and what its needs are. If we focus on the more general categories, opt for the Ginger Balance Shampoo if you have oily hair and the Papaya Recovery Shampoo if you have dry to normal hair. Both are from Khoi.


2. Bet on the natural

Some hair products include sulfates and other chemical components in their formula. If you want to provide the best possible care for your hair, you must avoid them at all costs and surrender to the natural. This quarantine is a good time to switch to honest and conscientious beauty. At KRIIM we are strongly committed to this philosophy and Solito, the latest brand to join our family, represents it perfectly. Its solid shampoos and anti-frizz conditioner (€ 8.95) are perfect for taking care of hair while advocating for responsible consumption and zero waste.


3. Don't forget hydration!

We know that when you have to leave a product to act for more than two minutes, you can be in a hurry and you forget to follow the instructions. Now there are no excuses! Take advantage of these days to use a mask like the Multi Vitamin Recovery Hair Mask  letting it act as long as necessary. You will discover why the wait is worth it.


4. Utiliza productos específicos

It is important to adapt to the needs that our hair presents as a result of quarantine. This situation makes many people feel that their hair needs extra strength or that it falls out more. It is something totally normal due to the constant nervousness that we live and to solve it we propose the oil Recover Castor Oil de Khoi. A product that, if that wasn't enough, provides hydration, nourishes the cuticle, conditions the hair and helps eliminate dandruff.

What do you think of our tips? Take advantage of these days to follow them and you will see how your hair thanks you.

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