How to get healthy skin without leaving home?

How to get healthy skin without leaving home?

When we are at home we have more time to do things, that's a fact. We speak of times of confinement like the one we are living now or of any stage of your life in which you have to spend more time at home. What happens when we don't go out? Our body experiences a lack of stimuli from the outside that causes consequences in us both physically and psychologically.

It is clear that we miss meeting friends to have a drink on a terrace, go out to try different restaurants or go on excursions and explore new places and this may cause us some anxiety. But not only our brain suffers.


What are the factors that affect the health of our skin?

Our body, whether inside or outside the home, needs a good functioning of the organism to be healthy. And the skin is one of the organs that reflects this state. We could summarize the factors that affect the state of our body and, consequently, our skin, in 5: diet, sleep, exercise, external agents and the cosmetics that we apply to the skin.

Let's start with food. What is the role of skin here? Very easy, it is the one that is responsible for cleaning the body along with other organs such as the liver, kidneys, lungs and intestines. To have healthy skin, we must avoid foods that can overload these cleansing organs and base our diet on products rich in vitamins, low in saturated fat and above all on a balanced diet. Here you have an article by the nutritionist and dietician Ana Amengual, in which she explains in detail what a balanced diet is like and proposes a menu for the day.

Now what about the dream? When we sleep the necessary hours and rest well, our skin is able to eliminate all the toxins accumulated during the day in addition to naturally regenerating the dermis and manufacturing collagen and elastin again. In other words; By sleeping well, in addition to resting psychologically, our skin looks softer and smoother and prevents premature signs of aging. I wouldn't think twice!

Although we must not forget exercise, essential in our day to day. And I'm not saying that you start doing extreme cardio or body combat routines every day until you can't walk, but simply exercise and stretch your body regularly with gentle yoga or Pilates routines. Sport stimulates blood circulation, and that makes the skin receive more oxygen and nutrients, a fact that favors the elimination of dirt on the skin and consequently achieve a cleaner and brighter skin.

Here's the one you might miss the most: the sun and the outdoors. Not only can food provide us with vitamin D, but the sun does too. It is a very important nutrient for the proper functioning of our body, therefore, whenever we have a little while we can go out to our terrace, window or balcony so that we can get that much desired ray of sunlight (and always with protection!) .

Our skin also needs clean, free air to be oxygenated. But we all know that the air in cities is mostly full of environmental dirt, so this pollution causes particles to stick to the skin and it becomes dirty. When it gets dirty, the pores become clogged and therefore the skin cannot be oxygenated. If we stay at home and do not breathe air, the same thing happens.


The best cosmetic products to take care of your skin these days at home

The cosmetics that we apply can considerably improve the condition of our skin, although we must not ignore all the other factors mentioned. So what products do we recommend for you?

To begin with, clean the face very well, ideally with the double cleaning. In this article you have all the information about this Korean technique. Although, in summary, it consists of cleaning the facial skin with an oily balm to remove all the dirt and then with a water-based cleansing foam to finish the deep cleaning.

Another essential treatment to detoxify our skin is exfoliation. To exfoliate the skin of the face, you can apply the Evolut No. 6 mask, based on raw cocoa powder and vegetable glycerin that illuminates, softens and purifies the skin. To exfoliate the body, our best option is the Khoi coffee and almond shell-based body scrub or the sisal sachet together with a bar enriched with soap, which can be used for both the body and the hands and will eliminate the dead cells in addition to providing nutrients and essential oils.

In short, to show off you don't have to suffer! Although not being able to leave home can be frustrating, it is the best time to take care of ourselves and pamper ourselves so that the body is in shape and our skin shines more than ever :)

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