Caffeine, the ingredient that awakens your skin

Caffeine, the ingredient that awakens your skin

For many people getting out of bed in the morning is quite a challenge. Perhaps reading it you feel identified and, if so, it is also likely that once you get the routine started, coffee will become your great ally. Part of the secret lies in caffeine, one of its main components that stimulates the brain, provides energy and helps us activate ourselves to get through the day.

What you may not know is that this ingredient is not only found in food. The beauty industry also incorporates it in their formulas. Because its benefits for the skin are many!

1. Stimulates and reactivates circulation,
achieving a detoxifying and draining effect that reduces fluid retention.
2. It boasts a decongestant and anti-fatigue effect.
It is closely related to the aforementioned improvement in circulation since, as a consequence, it softens bags and dark circles by reducing puffiness.
3. It acts as a natural antioxidant helping to fight free radicals.
It fights the aging of the skin by affecting collagen and elastin.
4. When used in beans, coffee becomes an excellent natural exfoliant.
It is ideal for removing toxins, impurities and dead cells from the dermis. In this way, the skin is regenerated and made to be smoother.


How to incorporate caffeine into your beauty routine

At KRIIM we are aware of all these benefits and that is why we wanted caffeine to be part of some of our formulations. In the case of body treatments, you can find it in 2 of Khoi's proposals:

  • Almond Shell & Coffee Scrub de Khoi: improves cell renewal and skin texture in a smooth way. Use this scrub on damp skin after a shower once or twice a week. Spread it in a circular motion and let it act for thirty seconds to absorb the oils before rinsing off with plenty of water. This way, you will exfoliate the dermis with its natural biodegradable particles (almond shell, salt and coffee beans) and, at the same time, you will achieve intense hydration through the essential oil of orange.
  • Intense Orange Lotion de Khoi: this caffeinated orange body lotion provides intense hydration thanks to the combination of jojoba, coconut and orange oil. Natural caffeine, gotu kola and fucus extract stimulate fat burning and firm the skin; while the cucumber extract and ginger enhance the natural processes of elimination of toxins and improve circulation. Distribute it on clean and dry skin, insisting on the areas that require more nutrition.

This ingredient is also present into 2 facial products from Rvolut where its decongestant, anti-fatigue and circulation-enhancing properties play a key role:

  • Anti Dark Circles Peptide 4% + Caffeine de Evolut: caffeine is one of the main ingredients in this powerful anti-dark circles serum that treats the area around the eyes. Its goal is to reduce bags and dark circles, smooth wrinkles and brighten the look. In addition, it contains the powerful extract of a marine microorganism that provides a decongestant and draining effect. For best results, apply in the morning and at night to the eyelid, the outer corner of the eye and the lower part of the contour.
  • Pure HA Balance Lotion de Evolut: Balancing, mattifying and anti-aging lotion with pure hyaluronic acid that deeply hydrates and prevents aging. It also contains vitamin E, which removes blemishes and evens the tone, Pseudoalteromonas extract, which regulates sebum and, of course, caffeine, which stimulates microcirculation and improves tone. Its rapid absorption and light texture make it a perfect product for the summer season. It can be used morning and evening on clean skin as the last step of the routine.


If caffeine is already with you in your breakfast every morning, dare to try it on your skin and discover its benefits.

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