This is how you should prepare your skin for summer

This is how you should prepare your skin for summer

Although we are locked up at home, nature continues its course and already begins to smell like summer. When the quarantine began, coats and sweaters were our great allies, but if you have gone out for sports or for a walk (following the imposed rules, of course) none of these garments will have accompanied you. It's time to get ready for the summer season!

The networks have been filled in recent weeks with options to practice exercise at home. Videos on YouTube, direct on Instagram ... Surely you know what we mean and you've already tried it. A perfect idea to escape and get in shape that, combined with a balanced diet, is one of the phases of the now traditional 'bikini operation'. However, there is another key element in this set-up that many forget: skin care.

Get out a pencil and paper, because before making your list of must-haves for the season you need to keep these four tips in mind:

1. Although the skin must be exfoliated throughout the year, at this time it should be done more frequently than in winter. In this way you will get a more uniform tan.

2. Properly hydrates the dermis, thus preparing it for sun exposure.

3. Before the sunny days arrive, bet on an anti-blemish treatment that helps eliminate them and achieve a more even complexion.

4. The last point to follow (and also the most important) is to always use sunscreen. Both through specific products when you are going to make a more direct exposure, as with makeup and facial care.


The products your skin needs this summer

Choosing the right treatments for your face and body is essential. Although the most important thing (we know that we have repeated it a thousand times and we will continue to do so) is that, if you really want to see results, be constant in its application. Once you have it clear, you have to make the beauty shopping list and we have summarized in 7 the products that you cannot miss in your toiletry bag.

  • Almond Shell & Coffee Scrub (Khoi): body scrub containing almond peel, coffee, salt, powdered cardamom and orange essential oil that boasts a high moisturizing power. Apply one to two times a week to improve cell renewal and skin texture in a gentle way.
  • Intense Orange Lotion (Khoi): combined with the scrub above they form a powerful duo. Orange blend with caffeine to provide intense hydration. In addition, it firms the skin, stimulates the burning of fats, enhances the natural processes of elimination of toxins and improves circulation. This lotion will not only conquer you for the results, but also for its addictive aroma.
  • Antioxidant Glow Mask (Rvolut): the steps to follow in facial care are the same as for the body (exfoliate and nourish). In this case, the Evolut line is very well suited to these needs. The Antioxidant Glow Mask, based on raw cocoa powder and glycerin, has an emollient and exfoliating action. A product that illuminates, softens and purifies the skin.
  • Multi-Peptide Cream SPF15 (Rvolut): hydration is achieved thanks to Multi-Peptide Cream SPF15, an anti-aging cream that includes an advanced peptide complex. Beyond nourishing the skin, it reduces the depth of the wrinkle furrow, firms the dermis, and provides greater elasticity.
  • Pack Bye, bye manchas! (Rvolut): do not forget the importance of taking care of skin imperfections. From KRIIM they suggest the pack Bye, bye spots! by Rvolut. A complete facial treatment that includes three great successes of the brand: a facial serum based on Vitamin C, a powerful natural acid solution with glycolic acid and AHAs, and a facial lotion with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid.

These seven options will become your great ally before the summer (and many of them also during those months). Visit our website and get them! This year you will certainly have an incredible skin.

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