AHAs: What are they and how can they help your skin?

AHAs: What are they and how can they help your skin?

The formulation is a key part of the cosmetic universe since, combining the right ingredients, you get products that truly demonstrate their effectiveness. Knowing them will help you be aware of what treatments you are using and if they are really what your skin needs.

Although the road to becoming a true expert on the subject is long, today we want to introduce you to it through the AHA. This compound, also known as alpha hydroxy acid, is found in some of KRIIM's products. It includes different acids (glycolic, lactic, malic, mandelic ...) and is obtained from plants, fruits and other foods such as sugar cane, apples or citrus. But what are its functions?

    1. Chemical exfoliation (not mechanical).
    2. Unification of the skin tone.
    3. Reduction of spots and skin pigmentation.
    4. Help the rest of the active ingredients penetrate better into the dermis.


Precautions to take into account

If you want to take care of your skin and achieve the expected results, you must bear in mind that AHAs require special attention. If you've never used products that contain them, first test a small area to see how your skin reacts before applying it all over your face.

In addition, it is important that you do not abuse these treatments. If you incorporate them correctly into your beauty routine you will achieve great results, but if you do not use these ingredients properly, irritations in the dermis can occur.


The AHAs and Kriim

As we have just clarified, AHAs can be very beneficial if certain guidelines are followed and that is why they could not be missing in some of our products. More specifically, they are included in the formulation of 2 of them.

The first, Rvolut nº3, is a natural acid solution that removes blemishes and blemishes on the skin, closes open pores and renews cells. Its formulation contains liquorice extract, white willow extract, 4% glycolic acid and 1% AHAs.

Evolut  Rvolut nº7 Toner, known as AHA Shiitake Toner, also includes alpha hydroxy acid as the name suggests. Its goal is to firm the skin and restore elasticity thanks to the extract of the Shiitake mushroom, an advanced botanical ingredient known as the elixir of life. In addition, it hydrates and balances the dermis, removes blemishes, evens out the tone and renews the skin.

These 2 products are very good options to discover the great properties of AHAs. Take into account the precautions that we have explained and see its great power.

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